Hand Coding Websites since 1994.

Wordpress is a Thing. I get it. I find it annoying but I do use it on several web sites I manage.

I can also manage a WIX site.

About Me:
As employee #8 at one of the first private ISPs in the country, I have a long history with the Internet, which was so grievously wounded back in 1994 with the invention of Mosaic. We joked it would ruin the internet, and it has, but not in the way we were thinking. It's much worse.

Yes I am a curmudgeon on this topic.

My approach to web design is fairly minimalist; use the platform that provides what is needed, and remove or disable everything that is not actually in use. That means some sites, which are static and don't change much, are hand coded. In some cases, a hybrid approach with static home pages and a wordpress photo gallery work well. I mean, seriously, who wants to hand code a photo gallery. This also makes the management more accessible to the web site owner/client/stakeholder.

Since I am not trying to sell you web services at this time, I am not going to link the ones I manage.